Think you have what it takes to win one of our tournaments? We have high score tournaments and regular bracket tournaments. Sign ups for all tournaments will happen during TooManyGames. You will be able to sign up for all of the tournaments you’d like to participate in online throughout the weekend. More info and a video showing out to sign up will be released closer to the event.

We are excited to have Logitech G and Logitech for Creators representing at the event this year. They have provided us with the most AMAZING prizes for ALL TooManyGames video game tournaments at the event (listed below) – so make sure you participate if you want to win just one of the many prizes shown including: Yeti Microphones, Streaming Lights, Wireless Gaming Keyboards, PRO Wireless Gaming Mice and so much more. See an unboxing of some of the items available here.

Not only will you get some great prizes from Logitech G and Logitech for Creators but also you will recieve a TooManyGames trophy!

Back by popular demand will be Guitar Hero, Just Dance and Jackbox on stage. Learn more here.

Tournament games and schedule are tentative and subject to change.

If you do not show up to your scheduled match, you will forfeit the game. Matches are randomly assigned at the beginning of the tournament, depending on the number of signups you may get a “free round” in which you automatically receive a win.


Dr Mario (NES) – High Score
Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast) – High Score
Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) – Bracket
Puyo Puyo Tetris (Switch) – Bracket



Frogger (Intellivision) – High Score
Bust-A-Move ’99 (Arcade Stick) – Bracket
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 – Graffiti Competition (PS1) – Bracket
Mortal Kombat (Genesis) – Bracket
Halo 2 (Xbox) – Bracket
Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4) – Bracket
Crash Team Racing (PS1) – Bracket



Tetris (NES) – High Score
ThunderBlade (Sega Master System) – High Score
Killer Instinct (SNES) – Bracket
Nick All Stars Brawl (PS4) – Bracket