Who are the DEFENDERS?

Your volunteer role as a member of TooManyGames is to aid in the overall running of the convention for the enjoyment of attendees, guests and volunteers alike. You are an integral part of how the convention operates and we can’t do this without you. We want to make sure that you are given the opportunities to show off your skills as a volunteer to the best of your ability, while still being able to enjoy the convention. Your role/s and responsibilities will be based on the department you request/are assigned to and will vary based on the needs of the department. Each of these responsibilities are subject to change and may require some more experience than others in order for you to be placed in that department, based on the needs of the position/s.

I’ve always enjoyed helping out at TMG. It’s one of my favorite conventions to attend and volunteer. I look forward to hopefully volunteering again and doing everything I can to help out with anything gaming related. Volunteer

DEFENDERS must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Able to join the DEFENDER Discord and Facebook group
  • Volunteers may be asked to assist other areas beyond their original sign up time
  • Willing to answer questions from attendees
  • Volunteers are required to follow the same rules as attendees, please make sure you review our harassment policy in advance.
  • Volunteers cannot share their volunteer badge with anyone else.
  • Volunteers will be given a special badge and and T-shirt to wear during the convention.
  • Volunteers should treat all volunteers, staff and attendees with respect, courtesy and dignity.
  • Able to pass a background check


Tier 1 – (4-12 hours)

  • Exclusive Volunteer Shirt 
  • 1 Day Badge (You will receive a badge for Saturday or Sunday depending on when you have finished your shifts. For example you work two shifts on Friday, you can choose either a Saturday badge or Sunday badge for free)
  • 20% discount on TMG Merchandise at Booth
  • Food during breaks at the show
  • Volunteer Party Thursday evening

Tier 2 – (13-23 hours)

  • Exclusive Volunteer Shirt
  • 3 Day Badge
  • 20% discount on TMG Merchandise at Booth
  • Food during breaks at the show
  • Volunteer Party Thursday evening

Tier 3 – (24+ hours) (need to be available for Wednesday/Thursday set-up)

  • Exclusive Volunteer Shirt
  • 3 Day Badge
  • 20% discount on TMG Merchandise at booth
  • Food during breaks at the show 
  • Volunteer Party Thursday evening
  • Shared Hotel Room space – must be a returning volunteer or a new volunteer with a referral from current Department Head. Space is limited and will be given out in order of applications. (Not available for RGB LAN volunteers)

Bonus Tier – Available for breakdown on Sunday from 5pm – 10pm

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card – only have 15 slots available
  • Must be available from 5-10, will receive a gift card at the end of shift
  • Available for all tiers (RGB LAN volunteers are eligible but must assist with TMG breakdown also to qualify.)


TooManyGames Hours: Friday: 2 PM to 10 PM, Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM, Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM

Tuesday 6/20/23, Wednesday 6/21/23, Thursday 6/22/23: These are set up days. Hours range from 10 AM to 6 PM on set up days. We have many things to set up for the show and these are great days to join us and meet all the volunteers and staff. 

Friday 6/23/23 Shifts: Morning: 10am – 2pm (this shift will need to be flexible for show opening), Afternoon: 2pm – 6pm, Evening: 6pm – 10pm 
Saturday 6/24/23 Shifts: Morning: 10am – 2pm (this shift will need to be flexible for show opening), Afternoon: 2pm – 6pm, Evening: 6pm – 10pm
Sunday 6/25/23 Shifts: Morning: 10am – 2pm (this shift will need to be flexible for show opening), Afternoon: 2pm – 5pm, Clean Up: 5pm – 10pm

DEFENDER Departments:

  • Arcade: Arcades will be responsible for monitoring the Arcade area and making sure all machines are working correctly as well as answer any questions attendees may have throughout the show
  • AV: (must have relevant experience or have volunteered in this department for past shows, 16 hour minimum) The AV department will set up sound and voice equipment, record panels, configure equipment for panelists, and operate sound boards. Should have the ability to troubleshoot computer issues, projector issues, and sound issues.
  • Badge Check: Badge check is responsible for checking badges at different entrance and exit points throughout the convention center to ensure attendees entering have the correct badge.
  • Consoles: Console staff will be responsible for setting up consoles, hooking up TVs, assisting attendees with problems relating to consoles and TVs, assist in running tournaments, and answering questions from attendees about basic convention programming. Basic knowledge of cables, components and consoles is needed.
  • Guest Handlers: (must have worked for TooManyGames 2022 as a Guest Handler or have a referral from a current Department Head) Escorting guests around the show to panels, helping run their autograph/photo opportunities at their booth throughout the day, coordinating with drivers for transportation, and other miscellaneous tasks throughout the weekend.
  • Help Desk: (must have volunteered for TooManyGames in prior years with some show knowledge) Assist attendees with convention questions throughout the weekend.
  • Lines: Panel line staff will answer questions relating to lines, keep the lines moving, control access to panel room, and make adjustments to serpentine line based on crowd size.
  • Logistics: Helping with load in and load out of the convention as well as packing the trucks before hand and unloading after the event.
  • Put me anywhere: Do you want to help but don’t have a preference or want to try out a different area? Selecting this option will help us fill the gaps in areas throughout the convention and give you the opportunity to see many different areas.
  • Registration: Registration staff is responsible for greeting and registering attendees. Each staff member will be scanning tickets, restocking area, and handing out badges.
  • RGB LAN: Want to help support an awesome charity gaming LAN taking place at TMG? We’d love to have you! RGB LAN is a 3-day BYOC LAN that benefits three local charities. Sign up to help run the check-in desk for RGB LAN. Overnight shifts are available for night owls! 
  • Security: (must have relevant experience)  
  • Special Events: Special events staff will help setting up, getting ready, and during the special event. Whether it is the Indie Game showcase, cosplay contest, wrestling, yo-yo competition, and the final boss party. 

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