The TooManyGames Indie Game Showcase highlights & celebrates independent game developers locally and nationally. Over the course of the weekend, YOU will be judging the Indie Game Showcase. Yes, YOU! We want you to stop by the Indie Game Showcase over the weekend and play some games and tell us which is your favorite.

We will then take your top three games over the weekend and we will be giving out a cash prizes:

1st place – $500

2nd place – $250

3rd place – $100

Make sure you stop by and check out all the great indie games this year and find your new favorite game! The following games/studios will be participating in this year’s Indie Game Showcase:

Video Games:
Boba Studios
Cheap Ramen Games
Erik X. Raj, LLC
iNightGaming LLC
In The Snow Studios
LegendEx Games
Marshall Games
Me & I
Necrosoft Games
Phat Games
Previously Pluto
ResDev Productions
Retrosoft Studios 
Shademare LLC
Sliced Kiwi Studios
Strollart Studios
WhaleFood Games


Want to play the games longer than at the booth? These companies will be demoing their games in the Console Freeplay area of Hall D: SwipeScape & The Paper Game, Scarlet City of Devils, Below the Stone, KungFu Kickball, Carpathian Night, Star Trapper FX, Ahh! Chute, HitCents, Retromania Wrestling, and Fight.EXE.

Board Games:
Cake Auf!
Fiat Lucre
Game of HAM LLC
Move Rate 20 Games
Nomnivore Games Inc.
One Day West Games
Red Duke Games
The Little Darlins Games

Don’t miss out on demo’s for these indie board games happening in the Tabletop Arena in Hall B. Each of these games have scheduled demo’s – check the schedule for times.

Demos: Annapurna, Axes At Dawn – Victory or Valhalla!, Cake Auf!, Cascadia, Chemical Overload, Dungeon Decorators, Game of Ham, Heart of Crown, Mission to Planet Hexx, Race To Stupid, Snack Attack!, Varia