Have you ever had an idea on how to make a game better or want to see what games are like before they reach your shelf? If you’ve ever played a game and thought “This would be better if . . .” then you would love board game playtesting! We are looking to help designers make their games better by providing Constructive Feedback during their design process. Your voice helps a good game become great!

Playtesting is easy! The game designers will be onsite to help teach you and your friends how to play their games. Once you are done playing the game you can provide feedback on what you liked, and what could be improved.

If you are a designer – sign up to have your game playtested at the event. Sign up for a timed slot now. You will need a TooManyGames ticket to enter the event and attend your sign up spot.

If you just wish to playtest the games – no need to sign up for a slot. Come by the Break My Game table at the event.

Break My Game is a 501(c)(3) charity that is looking to help aspiring designers learn how to make board games. We provide resources to help you break into game design and run regular online and in person events. Make your games better through our playtesting events and rule book exchange. Learn something new through our online resources and workshops. And flex your creative muscles through events like Game Jams. Or simply interact with our online community of over 3,000 designers, playtesters, and industry professionals! Find out more about our free events and resources at www.breakmygame.com