The following games will be on display in the 2024 TooManyGames Indie Game Showcase:

Arcade Games: (and a few more to follow!)
Dragon Master & Fight City
Description: Dragon Master: You are the Dragon Master embarking on a quest to save princess Zorldo from the evil dragons Dankey and Kang. Experience 8 bit sidescrolling action with a killer 8-bit soundtrack. Fight City: Fight through the streets and bars of Baltimore, the Baltimore Aquarium, and Mars to rescue your girlfriend and defeat the ultimate extra terrestrial enemy! Genre: 2-D side scrolling action platformer

Studio: Barnyardia
Description: Scrapeboard is a physical arcade game played with a skateboard deck and four metal floor pads. It was inspired by Dance Dance Revolution. In the game, the player is a lizard who is given a skateboard deck autographed by Tony Hawk and challenged to face off against his goons. The object of each match is to perform combinations of moves on a skateboard deck as quickly as possible in order to block lethal sword attacks.

Tabletop Games:
Black mold
Studio: Terrible Games 
A horror survival game where you must hold your breath to play to your turn.

Chemical Overload
Studio: Rebirth Games Inc. 
Description: The current Master Alchemist is set to retire, but has been preparing for this by training his apprentices for years. Sure, the Academy of Alchemy has been pretty brutal so far, but the end of the road is near. The final exam is going to be rough, but it’ll be worth it, if you manage to rise above your fellow students and win the title of Master Alchemist! At the end of the final exam, you’ll be judged on the quality of your potions, which can be measured by how many Victory Points you’ve managed to accrue. Do this before the lab fills up with too many toxic fumes and the exam is called to a halt.

Collectionomics / Annapurna
Studio: Fiat Lucre LLC
Description: Collectionomics is an elevated voting party game that lets players use their own collection, whether it’s rocks, dice, or minis. Annapurna is a marriage between chess and poker.

Delta World
Studio: Blue Crab Party Co. 
Description: Everything Has Changed. Lost for over a century, the technological treasures of the Ancient Ones are now at your fingertips. Explore the unforgiving wilderness and overcome hostile mutants, scheming Artificial Intelligence, and radiological wastelands to thrive in your Delta World! Delta World is a post-apocalyptic, science-fantasy, roleplaying game setting and rules expansion. Set in 25th century future earth, 150 years after a final, apocalyptic war, Delta World pits player-created android, cyborg, and mutant heroes against mutated animals, primitive and advanced humanoids and mutated humanoid tribes, harsh environments, and technologically advanced artificial intelligences and robotic systems. Available in formats compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition/System Reference Document 5.1, Pathfinder First Edition/OGL 3.5, and What’s O.L.D. is N.E.W. rules systems!

Dragonslayer Role-playing Game
Studio: Slayer Games
Description: Dragonslayer is a high fantasy game where the players take the role of Dragonslayers, humans infused with draconic powers. The players being Slayers lets them start off at level 1 without being ‘useless,’ but not already powerful. As Dragonslayers, every character has the ability to learn and cast magic, regardless of what class. This allows for some pretty interesting characters. The overall feel for Dragonslayer is that of a show. The player characters are the leads in the story, with the rules coming together to keep the game flowing and the focus on the PCs. Combat is done without turns and initiatives, but as a show with each character acting simultaneously and rolling when their action is complete. Interactions between characters are encouraged to be dynamic in a number of ways, including the option of Social Combats. With the feel of a show guiding the game, you get a fantasy setting with a feeling of realism and danger. The game is easy-to-learn, hard to master. There is one simple core mechanic and 99% of your rolls are done using this mechanic. However, we wanted the game to be a free expression of your characters, so customizability is tied to the game at its core. Even in the dice pool mechanic, you have choice. Classes don’t restrict character builds, allowing you to build your character how you want and ‘animate’ them in game to fit your vision. Unique and easy-to-learn rules, with lots of customization makes for a great show for every gamer! Dragonslayer keeps the game exciting for you and your friends.

Dungeons & Dinos
Studio: Nomnivore Games
Description: Sow chaos throughout your home as a team of Nomnisaurs, a group of cute, would-be “adventurers” who stole their dad’s favourite tabletop RPG manual, in a half-collaborative and half-competitive quest to take down the “Big Bad”! Dominate your friends by strategically stealing their kills and hoarding loot as the game ramps up in intensity with every room in the “dungeon” that you put together and explore! Touch grass in the latest outdoor-themed Dungeons & Dinos expansion — Wild Thangs! Starring Beefcake the Barbarian and Toadstool the shape-shifting Druid, battle and bonk Robbing Hood and other backyard beasts like your garden gnome or even the terrifying Gazebo! You’ll also get to practice your animal-taming skills with the brand Buddy System, where you get to recruit neighbourhood critters and playful pets to join your party as an additional member!

Studio: Elestrals
Elestrals is a new TCG that features a dynamic resource system called Spirits! Clash against your opponents with mythical creatures and the Divine Gods! Chase the rarest cards in the world with our serialized Stellar Rares!

Maize Craze
Studio: One Day West Games
Description: In Maize Craze, players will simultaneously roll and place dice on their player boards attempting to match various maze paths shown on a card in the center of the table. The game is played over the course of six rounds. You earn points based on correctly placed dice and receive a bonus for being the first to exit the maze. The player with the highest score is declared the winner.

Nations and Cannons
Studio: Flagbearer Games
Description: The year is 1776. The spark of revolution has ignited in the thirteen colonies, and the British army is on its way to smother it. While the Redcoats mass in Boston, the 2nd Continental Congress has just formed a provisional government. Without help, the Patriots will surely fall to the British forces. Join the fight for liberty in this Revolutionary campaign setting! Well researched and vigorously play tested, Nations & Cannons™ products are 5e compatible and introduce many new mechanics for historical realism in the world’s most popular roleplaying game. The Core Rules include everything you need to play 18th century adventures, set during the American Revolution and beyond!

Description: TerraFyte is a two-player card game that uses a 6 by 4 board for both players. Turns are taken at the same time, with players moving based on the cards they put in their deck, each having their own speed and effect to showcase players’ skills. There is always a chance to get back into the game; reinforcement cards ensure that a player can crawl back with a win as long as they are played carefully, making each win feel earned. Resources are crucial in TerraFyte. This game takes cues from classic real-time strategy games to improve opportunities in the current CCG/TCG card games market. Our goal was to make a hybrid of fun, fast-paced gameplay and the resource management of old-school RTS.

The Big Shuffle
Studio: Previously Pluto
Description: The Big Shuffle is a competitive film noir card game, where you play ambitious characters, each with their own agenda and unique abilities. It’s your turn, kid. Set the Scene using your influence but be careful as other players have their own agendas. Give your opponents the slip, change the scenes to your benefit and come out on top before someone else does. Who will sink and who will swim In a city that’s drowning in opportunity.

War of Beasts
Studio: Charper Edge LLC
Description: War of Beasts is a ladder-building card game that combines elements of the classic card game War with magical beasts and enhancements. The objective of the game is to play beast and phenomenon cards to win gems. Players can earn gems by playing high-ranking beasts that cannot be defeated by another player, or by playing the same value beast to trigger a war. The first player to earn enough gems wins the game. The game includes 72 unique beasts with 6 unique beasts of the same value with varying single or double elements, and 48 phenomenon cards that are either +1 or -1 modifiers for two, three, or four elements. The elements on the cards include fire, earth, air, and water. The game offers multiple gameplay options, allowing for different levels of complexity.

Video Games:
Beat the Machine: Rebooted
Studio: Sanguine Studios
Description: In this top down twin-stick shooter, help Sector VIII defend themselves from T.O.M. Play as Damon, the cocky cadet, willing to aid Pete, Logan and Syncopia in saving their home from total destruction. Choose from a variety of 60+ Radical Skills to defeat the incoming viral attacks across 20+ levels.

Below the Stone
Studio: Strollart Studios
Description: Below the Stone is a pixel-art roguelike about dwarves on the quest for the deepest depths. A place where each and every descent will lead to new adventures — and where only the most determined dwarves with many lost lives will be rewarded by the hidden world lying below the stone.

Blinding Lite
Studio: Monster Crate
Description: Blinding Lite is an NES inspired platformer with a focus on tight combat and acrobatic movement. The game takes elements from many classic NES games and their limitations while breathing new life into their visuals and storytelling, filling in what games from that era truly felt like.

Check x Mate
Studio: Sliced Kiwi Studios
Description: Enter the world of Check x Mate! You find yourself in a magical world of chess where two nations are at war. Using a special artifact, you are able to see the battles as chess puzzles, and command your army accordingly. Save your twin, end the war, and get closer to other characters along the way!

Studio: Glass Jury
Description: DEEPMESS is a turn-based tactics descent into the mind of god. Armed with a hammer and nail, tunnel your way through layers of flesh and bone while thinking one floor ahead. Dig deep and make mess through intense, god-lobotomizing fun.

Kingdoms of the Dump
Studio: Roach Games
Description: Join trash can knight, Dustin Binsley, as he fights his way through the five and a half Kingdoms of the Dump! A SNES styled JRPG set in a fantasy world of garbage, created by two janitors. Featuring Platforming/Elevation, Character Swapping w Field Abilities, Turn-Based Grid Combat and Timed Hits

Little Nemo & the Nightmare Fiends
Studio: Team Nemo, Inc.
Description: Little Nemo and his friends return for a hand-animated metroidvania adventure! Explore magical dream worlds with Nemo, the Princess of Slumberland, the mischievious Flip, and royal guard Peony as they try to stop the Nightmare Fiends from ruling over dreams forever.

Lockjaw: Robo-Royale
Studio: Abducted Monkeys LLC
Description: Lockjaw is a local-multiplayer party brawler where 2-4 robots fight to win a ROBO-ROYALE! GEAR UP Robots start each match with a blank slate—scramble for arm, leg, and head parts to amplify your capabilities and gain the upper hand! Robots can hold up to 4 parts at a time, so get greedy! SMACK DOWN Adapt to the random assortment of parts in each battle. Grapple walls, dodge balls, and lock jaws! Every match is different, so be sure to change up your strategy! Bots never battle alone. Lockjaw is played exclusively in multiplayer with 2-4 players.

Studio: Atari
Description: The exhilarating Atari racing classic “Sprint” series returns with NeoSprint. NeoSprint zooms back to life as a single screen arcade racer for up to 8 players, paired with a robust track builder and intuitive sharing tools, ensuring a racing experience that satisfies speed demons and architects alike. Campaign mode, Grand Prix, Obstacle Courses and Time Trials provide tons of pulse-pounding race content, and multiplayer modes make for chaotic fun. Can you conquer the speedways and claim the fastest times?

Studio: PotionSlingers LLC
Description: PotionSlingers is a deckbuilding game based off of the tabletop indie game of the same name! Face your friends in a wet, hectic free for all by throwing potions, combining them to create more powerful effects, or fire them out of strange magical artifacts! It has a very off kilter, magical junkyard kind of vibe, and although containing the original PvP the physical game has, the videogame version will show off the new adventure build, with freaky enemies, and complex boss battles!

Quantum Cortex
Studio: QCDev
Description: IT IS THE DAWN OF THE 26TH CENTURY. The Earth itself has become tainted– corrupted like our foolish kings: all the way down to its wicked, bloody roots. Discover the mystery behind civilization’s fall, and rise up against the transhumanist dystopia that took its place. THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED IN GOLD.

Rightfully, Beary Arms
Studio: Daylight Basement Studio
Description: Rightfully, Beary Arms is a bullet hell roguelite that is about much more than collecting loot, dying and losing everything. Carefully choose enemy upgrades against your own, then plan your dungeon crawl tactfully to gun through unique factions of enemies, strategically preserving loot after death.

Shred The Undead
Studio: Citizens’ Loft Interactive
Description: Dive into this rhythm-infused, 4-player co-op hack-and-slash adventure where the chords strike harder than swords! Leave the conventional warriors behind; here, your weapons are musical instruments. Obliterate zombie hordes with electrifying guitar riffs, missile-like drumsticks, ferocious bass swings, and piano turrets that blast foes into oblivion. As you groove through the apocalypse, collect shimmering Jam Gems to power up your jam meter, readying you to unleash epic performances that decimate the undead! Tear up every highway from LA to Hell across 28 pulse-pounding levels. Are you ready to jam, unleash solos, and save the world from the undead’s encore?

Slime 64
Studio: WaveParadigm
Description: Slime 64 is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer inspired by retro classics! Play as water, earth, fire, and air slimes, in any order you’d like, while collecting various Bells & Whistles (and Golden Keys) to continue each slime’s journey. Help them meet up, combine their powers, and save the world!

Super Cucumber
Studio: Cubicorn Games
Description: Super Cucumber is a 2D platformer inspired by fighting games and 16-bit action games. We’re trying to build a precision platformer that’s accessible enough to be approachable, but still has plenty of challenge and mechanical depth to please seasoned players and speed runners alike.

Super Duper Multitasking
Studio: yyrGames
Description: It’s time to level up YOURSELF! Super Duper Multitasking presents you with the greatest challenges in all of video gaming, but gives you all of the tools you need to rise up and conquer them! You’ll unlock skills you never knew you had, while playing up to FIVE minigames at the same time! Take advantage of full Training and Practice modes to master 25 unique minigames and conquer 100 scripted Missions! Compete with friends by passing the controller around, compete head-to-head in the new Versus Mode, or compete solo on over 500 Leaderboards! You’ll achieve things you never knew you could. Try Super Duper Multitasking today!

The Newton Mystery
Studio: In The Snow Studios
Description: The Newton Mystery is a 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you play as a group of friends who have formed a rag-tag monster crime-solving team. Join them on their journey of self-discovery, wacky interactions, and realizations that everything is not as it seems in the sleepy town of Newton…

Studio: Starworks Studios
Description: Timeworks is a time-traveling 3D puzzle platformer with a bouncy cartoon style. Work along past versions of yourself to solve puzzles, create unique Items, and fill out your quotas for your mysterious employers. You’re a new hire at Timeworks, an enigmatic company that “pioneers time travel technology.” Your first day is pretty typical; your supervisor flings you through time and space in order to finish your shift. Engross yourself in time-based chaos and find solutions by working with past versions of yourself.

Turing Quest
Studio: Kranial
Description: Are you tired of artificial intelligence being useful to society? So are we, which is why we searched the corners of the internet for all the humor we could find and used it to create an AI. It doesn’t come with a whitepaper, it wasn’t built by scientists, and it certainly doesn’t benefit society. It is however, hilarious. That’s right, we trained an AI to be funny and made it into a party game. Turing Quest pits you and your friends against our humorous AI to write jokes. Players will vote on if your joke or an AI generated response was better. It’s a chaotic, edgy, and hilarious experience for up to 6 players.

Wizard Cats Tank Battle
Studio: Vashta Entertainment
Description: Choose from seven classes and fight other Wizard Cats in Wizard Cats Tank Battle, a cross-platform multiplayer game! Wizard Cats Tank Battle puts a fantasy RPG twist on the classic arena shooter genre, with mechanics inspired by MMORPGs, MOBAs, and ARPGs. The gameplay emphasizes teamwork and support while focusing on skill and precision. As you play, you’ll earn Cat Coins, which you can use to customize your Wizard Cat’s fur patterns, body types, hats, wands, tanks, and meows.