About this event
Welcome to the 2022 Dragon Ball Super Card Game Regional Championship Season! This event is hosted by PPG Events at TooManyGames.

Date and Time
Sat, June 25TH, 2022, 12:00PM

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
Hall A, B, C, D, and E
100 Station Avenue
Oaks, PA 19456

Event Cost
$30.00 + convention badge



Tickets will go up May 1st 9am Est
Please note this event is capped at 256 Players.
​Be sure to REGISTER early to secure your spot.

Reminder this event will take place at  the TooManyGames convention and for anyone playing or spectating you will need to purchase an entry badge here.

Round 1 starts Saturday, 06/25/22 at 12PM EST
Top cut will play it out day 2
Sunday, 06/26/22 at 12PM

This event will be hosted using the best of 1 ,  Pre-Side. 31 Minute Rounds + end of match procedures.

There will be best of 3 format 60 minutes for Top Cut matches.

Tournament will be ran with a set number of rounds based on starting number of participating players.

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Obtain your BCC ID number HERE!

Championship Pack 2022 Vol. 1 x5
Event Pack 9 x3

Round 1
Round 1 starts Saturday 06/25/22 at 12PM.
Tournament Prizing

Top 32:
-2022 Top 32 Alt-Art Card: Vegeta x1

Top 16:
-Top 16 Playmat: Son Goku vs Jiren
-2022 Top 16 Alt-Art Card: Great Priest x1
-Finals Invite (North America Only)

Top 4:
-2022 Top 4 Alt-Art Card: Syn Shenron x1
-Booster Box x1

-Champion Playmat: Realm of the Gods Key Visual x1
​-Championship Pack 2022 Vol. 1 Winner Gold Stamp Set x1

Side event: DBS Team wars

Event Cost
$20.00 + convention badge


Starts: Friday, 06/24/2022, 3PM


This event will be best of 1, swiss rounds with no top cut playoff. Standard time & end of match procedures. If your team wins 2 games out of 3 your team gets the win. Standard Bo1 bans apply. Standard team card restrictions apply.


x3 Event pack 8
x3 Event pack 9
x3 2021 Vault set

5-8th Place:
x6 Event pack 8
x6 Event pack 9
x18 2021 Vault set
x18 unison set
x12 Fest set

3-4th Place:
x12 Event pack 8
x12 Event pack 9
x24 2021 Vault set
x24 unison set
x18 Fest set

2nd Place:
x24 Event pack 8
x24 Event pack 9
x30 2021 Vault set
x30 unison set
x24Fest set

1st Place:
x30 Event pack 8
x30 Event pack 9
x36 2021 Vault set
x36 unison set