This year after receiving a lot of feedback from our last event, we are introducing the VIP Lane Entry Access to Guests. This will act like a fastpass to meeting the guests. There will be a dedicated line in each guest area for anyone who purchases a badge with the VIP Lane Entry Access to Guests.

What ticket gets you VIP Lane Entry Access to Guests?

Mini Boss and Final Boss packages are the only badges that will get you access to this new guest lane.

Can I add this on to my ticket? 

No. We are not doing any add ons for this.

Is this limited? 

Yes. We have limited the amount of Mini Boss and Final Boss tickets this year.

Will I still have to wait for a guest?

Maybe. If a guest hasn’t arrived yet, you will have to wait until they arrive. If the VIP Lane Entry Access to Guests has a lot of attendees in it, you will have to wait, but not nearly as long as if you waited in the regular line.

If I buy a ticket with VIP Lane Entry Access to Guests, can my family meet the guest with me? 

No. Each person who would like to enter into the line must have a Mini Boss or Final Boss ticket.

Do I still have to pay to meet the guest? 

Yes. This is only access to the VIP line to meet the guest. You will still have to pay for an autograph, selfie etc.

Can you prepay for autographs?

At this time, autographs are only available at the show, at the guests’ table the day of the event.

What else do I get in the Mini Boss and Final Boss packages?

Not only do you get the VIP Lane Entry Access to Guests, but you will also receive TooManyGames swag. Check out each of the packages and the extra included items you will get (will be live on 1/26/2024).

Do you ship badges in advance?

No. You will receive your badge the day you arrive at the convention.

Should I buy this in advance? 

Yes. Our Final Boss package has always been limited and has sold out the last few years. We are limiting the number of Mini Bosses this year, and we expect it to sell out with this added feature. Tickets go on sale on January 26, 2024 at noon EST.