TooManyGames has long been a haven for gamers as one of the longest running and largest gaming conventions at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. The convention has embraced the world of esports in the past few years, whether you like to participate or watch, we have some great tournaments for you this year.

Friday – Street Fighter 6
Saturday – Smash Ultimate
Sunday – Tekken 8

Esports Tournament Details

  • $5 buy-in with a $1,000 pot bonus for each
  • Limited to 64 signups for each (subject to change)
  • Pools + double-elimination
  • Top 3 payout (subject to change)
  • BYOController with rentals available
  • You must have a ticket to TooManyGames 2024 to participate

Sign ups and all remaining details check for updates here.

Our casual video game tournaments have been announced.