Legends of Avantris is a tabletop stream that loves the games, the stories, and each other.

Their journey began six years ago. Since then, they’ve crafted a realm of fantasy, characters, and boundless adventure known as Avantris. Their close-knit group of best friends embarked on this journey together, and it has been an experience filled with laughter, intense roleplay, and joy. But they’re more than just players; they’re storytellers, creators, and passionate gamers.

They are a group of genuine, lifelong friends who share a deep love for roleplaying and storytelling. Their shared passion has brought them closer, and their viewers are more than just an audience – they’re part of the Avantrisfam. This is more than just a tabletop RPG show. It’s an inclusive community where everyone is invited to gather around our digital table.

From the Legends of Avantris team Andy, Mikey, Richie, and Derek will be joining us at TooManyGames. They will be hosting a live show and doing meet and greets.

More details about times and schedule of events will be announced closer to the event.