Brent Amberger, AKA “Goobertown Hobbies,” is a full-time YouTuber who paints miniatures. His channel is known for bright colors and mellow vocals. Painted minis can be used to play boardgames, tabletop wargames, and RPGs. Painted minis make games more fun, but they also look spiffy when they’re just sitting on the shelf. Brent loves this hobby and he loves sharing it with others. He’s always looking for new ways to get people excited about minis!

Prior to starting a YouTube channel, Brent earned a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. His scientific background gives him a useful perspective on all of the glues, goos, plastics, and paints that are part of this craft. Understanding our art supplies helps us to use them better. Brent also consults with companies in this niche to help them create useful products.

Painting minis is a creative outlet which is accessible to most people. Pushing paint around calms the mind and relieves stress. Miniature painting is a fantastic pastime, and it’s easier than you might think- come give it a try!

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