Things to Do

Special Events

We have so many special events this year at TooManyGames! Whether you want to see Cosplay Pro Wrestling, participate in the Cosplay Contest, see a Video Game Burlesque (18+), play Pokémon Battle Frontier, watch Sonic ’06 Torture Session For Charity, watch Cinemassacre Plays LIVE​​, or go to the 2017 Pennsylvania State Yo-Yo Contest. We have a little bit for everyone. Check out more details about these special events.

Video Game Tournaments

This year’s TooManyGames will be jam-packed with tournaments, so get ready to get your game on and show us your skills! Whether you take the gold in console games or handhelds, this is a great opportunity to get together with other fans and play against each other in a little friendly competition for some prizes and, of course, for the glory. View the list of 2017 Video Game Tournaments.

Board Games

Join us for a variety of board games in our Table-Top gaming area, even bigger and better than ever before! Whether you’re interested in a casual 15 minute game or ready to get down to some serious strategy and warfare, we have what it takes to satisfy your gaming itch. Game companies large and small will also be on hand to entertain you with some of the latest and greatest titles in the board game industry which they will be demonstrating in real-time play with you and other attendees. View the list of 2017 Board Game Tournaments and Free Play Games.


TooManyGames is your card gaming connection. We’ve got you covered with a huge Magic the Gathering tournament running all weekend, plus other deck building and trading games. Bring your own winning cards, discover new games, build your decks in our marketplace or trade with other players. A great time will be had by all. View the list of 2017 CCG Tournaments.

After Party

For the sixth year in a row we bring you: The TMG After Party. At what’s become a staple event at our show, VIPs have been entertained with laugh-out-loud comedy, performances from top-billed video game music artists, and the house was brought down with the roast of one of the best known internet personalities in the world. The location of the After Party will be at the Hilton Garden Inn again. The expo show floor will remain open during the After Party. Remember you will need a Final Boss badge to get into the After Party! 2017 Schedule of events for the After Party is LIVE… check it out.


Whether you want to learn about making video games or creating YouTube content, there are several well-qualified panelists working hard to give you a fun and informative experience! Come to one of 30+ panels where you can meet your favorite internet celebrities, attend a live audience participation improv game, or learn a thing or two about the history of games in our culture. 2017 Schedule is available now!


TooManyGames started out 13 years ago as one of the Northeast’s largest buy-and-trade marketplaces, and to this day remains the biggest of its kind in the area. Whether you’re looking to complete your NES collection, find that nostalgic console from your childhood, or decorate your room with all things gaming, you’re sure to find what you’re searching for here in our 20,000+ square feet vendor showcase. Bring your trades, too! View the 2017 marketplace vendors.

Indie Game Showcase

TooManyGames Indie Game Showcase highlights independent game developers locally and nationally. Take the time during the convention to check out these great booths highlighting brand new games in development and testing stages, and also fully released games for PC, consoles, mobile, and tabletop.