TooManyGames Game Swap - September 21, 2019

What is Game Swap?

Join us at our first ever Game Swap event on September 21, 2019 from 10am to 5pm at the Montgomery County Community College. We are going back to our roots with a game swap event. Want to buy and sell games? Want to hang out and play in a few casual tournaments? This is the event for you!



Tickets and Merch:

Tickets are now on sale for the event! Pre-register for Game Swap for discounted tickets. Tickets will be more expensive at the door. If you pre-register you can also reserve a classic reprinted shirt and pin. Along with the classic reprint, we will have TooManyGames hoodies for sale at the merch booth, along with some other goodies.



Schedule of Events:

Below is the schedule of events. Click on the image to see it larger.



Game Swap will be held at the Montgomery County Community College on the Main Campus in the Health Sciences Center. Parking will be free. See the below map for exact location of the event at the Montgomery County Community College:

Map of the vendors and interior areas of Game Swap.


Video Game Tournaments

Want to play in a casual gaming tournament? We will be having several tournaments along with a free play video game area. We will be having a MarioKart 8 tournament for Switch, Duck Hunt for NES, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments. Consult the schedule for times for each tournament. We will not be taking advance online sign up’s for these events.



Board Game/CCG Tournaments, Board Game Library, Board Game Demos

Want to learn a new board game? Want to try your abilities in a board game tournament or particpate in a CCG game? We are bringing all of that to Game Swap this year. Nerdvana will be hosting a bunch of events including:

Board Game Demos: Werewolf, 5 Minute Dungeon, One Deck Dungeon

Board Game Tournaments: Catan and Red Dragon Inn

CCG: MtG Fast Format Sealed: $20 entry, players get four booster packs to build a 30 card deck. They play up to four 20 minutes single game rounds with sudden death rules for games that go to time.



Dungeons & Dragons – Pathfinder RPG

Interested in trying out a tabletop adventure? In this game you will take your First Steps in joining Golarion’s finest Adventuring guild, the Pathfinder Society. You will solve puzzles, investigate shady characters, and wrestle with an angry imp to find which of the Society’s houses is best for you.

First Edition Pathfinder. Premade characters can be provided, or we can build your character before the session starts. New players welcome and encouraged. Want to participate? Register online now.



Buy a Vendor Table for Game Swap

We will be selling the spaces for this event as 8×8 spaces. An 8×8 space will be $80. You can bring your own table or chairs. You will also have the ability to rent a table from us (chairs will be provided), but you will need to designate if you want a rental table when you purchase your space. A 6 foot table will be $15 to rent, and a 8 foot table will be $20. Chairs will be available, but please select how many you will need, we can provide up to two chairs per space.

Purchase a table by going here. On the website you will be able to select which space you would like (by selecting the 1 seat next to the table number it will show you which table you have selected on the right hand side) for your vendor area as well as add on your table and chairs.



Game Swap FAQs

What is Game Swap?
Game Swap is a one day event hosted by TooManyGames which will be held at the Montgomery County Community College on Saturday September 21, 2019. The event is a smaller version of TooManyGames (think TooManyGames at the Inn at Reading) but will feature some video and board game tournaments and a marketplace of unique vendors.

How much is admission?
Admission will be $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Will there be TooManyGames merch available at Game Swap?
Yes – there will be TooManyGames shirts, hoodies, and pins for sale. We will also be re-printing a classic TooManyGames shirt for this event.

How is Game Swap different from TooManyGames?
Think of Game Swap as a classic TooManyGames event. The event will be held on one day instead of over the span of a weekend. Game Swap will take place at Montgomery County Community College’s Main Campus. There will be raffles, tournaments, free play console area, free play board game area, and a large marketplace.

Who can vend at Game Swap?
Anyone can vend at Game Swap. We are not limited to video game or board game vendors. If you have a local business, are an artist, or an individual that wants to sell or trade some games – this is the event for you.

What kind of things will there be to do at Game Swap?
We will have a few different video game tournaments, board game tournaments, free play console area, free play board game area, and there will be a large marketplace to shop around at.

What video game tournaments will there be?
Dunk Hunt – NES
Mario Kart 8 – Nintendo Switch
Smash Ultimate – Nintendo Switch

Is parking free?
Yes, parking is free at the college. See the map.

Is there an ATM on site?
Yes, there is an ATM but not in the same building as the event. We recommend bringing cash to the event. There will be snacks and drinks available at the snack table that is cash only.

Will there be food for purchase?
Yes, there will be snacks and drinks available but cash only.



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