We are excited to have two elite groups of Star Wars costuming coming to TooManyGames on Saturday and Sunday. Characters will be in full costume and ready to take their picture with you! Find them at their booth or walking the show floor.

About Garrison Carida
Garrison Carida is a chapter of the 501st Legion, a volunteer non-profit Star Wars costuming group serving Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. Our members take pride and joy in attending various charity events in our local community and freely volunteering our time to help others while celebrating Star Wars.

About Ghost Base
Ghost Base is the Pennsylvania/Delaware chapter of the nonprofit Star Wars costume/cosplay group known as the Rebel Legion. The Rebel Legion is recognized by Lucasfilm as one of their Premier Star Wars costuming groups. We are able to offer our communities the fun and magic of Star Wars characters taken both from the movies and expanded Star Wars Universe. We take great pride in offering movie accurate costumes and props to our communities.