The following games will be on display in the 2023 TooManyGames Indie Game Showcase:

Access EnTree
Studio: Florida Disability and Accessibility Foundation (FDAAF)
Description: Access EnTree is a social simulation role-playing game where the player moves into a small village and create accommodations to be more accessible to its residents with disabilities. With each quest, the player will follow a narrative and upon completion, allow new characters to move in. These new residents will provide new tools and knowledge the player will need to continue enhancing their village and revive the mystical Rukia tree!

Below the Stone
Studio: Strollart Studios
Description: Below the Stone is a pixel-art roguelike about dwarves on the quest for the deepest depths. A place where each and every descent will lead to new adventures — and where only the most determined dwarves with many lost lives will be rewarded by the hidden world lying below the stone. Dwarves will be sent below the surface to collect metal and precious gems that your kin request of you. However, you can keep any extra you gain– make a new pickaxe, a sword, some armor. Whatever increases your odds of coming back on your next trip! Store them safely at the dwarven kingdom, your hub area for crafting, storying items safely for your next expedition, and picking up new missions from your kin. But we warned! If you die Below the Stone, everything you carried on you will be lost under the surface forever. With each descent you can also decide whether or not you are prepared to go deeper in your journey. Each layer’s entrance will be held within a dungeon as a final challenge to see if you are capable and prepared enough to descend further. Once you go down, you will face a bevy of new biomes, creatures, resources, and environments to explore. Each layer is will contain 8-12 unique biomes that will challenge a dwarf’s resourcefulness and grit.

Colossal Cave
Studio: Cygnus Entertainment
Description: Colossal Cave is a reimagining of the original text-based adventure game, first introduced in 1975 by Will Crowther and Don Woods, as a fully immersive 3D VR experience. Colossal Cave is already well known to tens of millions of gamers worldwide. Several elements of the game, such as the codewords “Xyzzy” and “Plugh”, are recognized instantly by many gamers. Roberta Williams, who has received widespread industry recognition including several “Hall of Fame” awards, and who is the designer of several industry leading hit games, including King’s Quest, Phantasmagoria, Black Cauldron, and many more, is adapting the game for the VR world and bringing to life its many characters. In the game, players explore a vast and extensive cave, seeking treasures within. Along the way, they will encounter a variety of characters, some of whom will attack and some of whom will entertain. For instance, there is a Troll (at the troll bridge), a bear, a snake, dwarves (seven, of course), and a pirate. The player’s quest is to find all the treasure. The challenge is not easy, and there will be a wide variety of puzzles to overcome.

Dark Tides
Studio: Hammered Crow Games
Description: Dark Tides is the story of a seaside Victorian town that’s rapidly becoming infected with a disease that looks a whole lot like demonic possession. When a third-rate boardwalk psychic finds out she can actually read minds, she will become Cape Fortune’s unlikely heroine. But time is running out. Can Theodora Green solve the mystery, or will Cape Fortune be lost forever? Dark Tides is a narrative-driven horror/adventure game which combines full 3d graphics with the humor and puzzles of a classic point-and click game. It features dozens of characters, a fast-paced plot and more than 50 locations to explore.

Dragon Master (NES) / Nosferatu’s Revenge (GB Color)
Description: In Dragon Master, the goal is to rescue Princess Zorldo from the evil dragons Dankey and Kang. In Nosferatu’s Revenge you must fight your way through the haunted countryside of Transylvania ending in a final showdown in Nosferatu’s Castle. Bit Gen Games specializes in making new games for old consoles and we also have a few full size arcade cabs of our games running on real nes hardware. Check our website for more details.

Dungeons and Dinos
Studio: Nomnivore Games
Dungeons and Dinos is a family-friendly card game where players assemble a team of cute, would-be “adventurers” that sow chaos throughout their home in a half-collaborative and half-competitive quest to take down the “Big Bad”. Dominate your friends by strategically stealing their kills and hoarding loot as the game ramps up in intensity with every room in the “dungeon” that you explore! What dangers, treasures, and exciting fun will you uncover as you menace about the house?

Studio: Nomnivore Games
Description: EMBERWIND™ was made with a deep love and respect for tabletop role-playing games, but also an awareness of their high learning curves. Through the use of our proprietary RISE Engine, EMBERWIND™ is a fresh, modern take on the genre, designed to create dynamic stories and whole-party adventures, with or without a game master. EMBERWIND™ offers its players an unparalleled ownership of their characters and their campaigns, achieved through the use of more intuitive combat, expanded character options, and a fully customizable ruleset that can be custom-fit to every player with the use of our modules, no matter what their experience level is or what their interests are.

Description: A retro FPS inspired by Tony Hawk Pro Skater & ULTRAKILL

Studio: solidvalentine
Description: A hidden machine in a forbidden arcade in south Nevada, Rumours of a lost fighting game, known to draw madness from its players. Soon ROMS of the game have surfaced, but needs to run on a custom emulator that can only be run on lost Operating Systems. The Application simply called “FIGHT.EXE” Fight.EXE is a traditional fighting game that has something for new and veteran players. Special moves are performed by 1 button but can be enhanced with motion inputs.

Studio: Marshall Games
Description: Flipshot is a Breakout style game with exciting challenges and a unique aesthetic. Use Flip to break every brick on screen and complete each level. Flipshot is being developed for Windows and is playable with both a keyboard and controller. Demo will be available to play at TooManyGames. Demo will officially release in summer 2023.

Little Nemo & the Nightmare Fiends
Studio: Pie for Breakfast Studios
Description: Players control Nemo and his 3 friends: each character has their own unique powers for exploring the many surreal environments as they confront Fiends threatening to destroy Nemo’s happy dreams forever! The game features hand-drawn artwork made to mimic Winsor McCay’s expert draftsmanship and inventive comic layouts. Long in the public domain, Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends makes the work of a comic and animation pioneer accessible for modern audiences!

Maize Craze
Studio: One Day West Games
In Maize Craze, players try to navigate various corn mazes. Players simultaneously roll dice and try to match the faces of the dice shown on the path through the maze. The first person to complete the maze, wins that card.

The Newton Mystery
Studio: In the Snow Studios
Description: The Newton Mystery is a 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you play as a group of friends who have formed a rag-tag monster crime-solving team. Join them on their journey of self-discovery, wacky interactions, and realizations that everything is not as it seems in the sleepy town of Newton… In Newton, the player can explore the world freely. There are buildings to enter and lots of NPCs to interact with. As you play through the game, you’ll get to learn more about the residents. Players are rewarded by taking the time to talk to people and become immersed in the world’s lore.

Outcasts of the Rift
Studio: Magenta Fantasies
Description: The future is yours to transform in seven interconnecting storylines in this story-driven RPG. Outcasts of the Rift combines exploration and SRPG combat with an elaborate plot, rich lore and vibrant art. Navigate the longstanding, ever-escalating conflict between the Roncefleurais and Kikusekin Empires and those caught in the rift between as you try to prevent a war between them. Explore these two utterly different empires throughout the interconnecting storylines and recruit dozens of anthropomorphic animal allies into your brigade. Use the Morph Magic Scepter’s vast transformative power to reshapes allies, objects and ultimately the world!

Studio: Self Published
Description: A strategy card game! A Wet, Hectic free for all! A Card Comboing BREW-HA-HA! PotionSlingers can be described as a delicious combat cake. It is coated with a colorful frosting of vibrant slapstick humor, with a veneer of ancient alchemy. Bizarre items litter this junkyard market that is now your playground; grab all sorts of dastardly mixes and throw them directly into your opponent’s buffoonish faces! Wring them out of as many essence cubes as you can, and prove who is a REAL PotionSlinger around these parts! Win the game by collecting the most essence cubes; either by eliminating your opponents or performing tricks, and both by slinging at your opponents! Players take turns buying cards from a communal market to add them to their decks, and dealing damage to their opponents with their cards. At the start of every turn, players are given a stipend, and fill their tableau with cards they collect in their deck. Then they are free to buy and sell items, combine cards, and manage their tableau/deck.

Retromania Wrestling
Studio: Retrosoft Studios
Description: RetroMania Wrestling is inspired by classic arcade wrestling action! RetroMania Wrestling is a “pick up and play” arcade wrestling game with beautiful 2D sprites, incredible backgrounds and fast-paced arcade style game play. • 16 Unique, distinct playable wrestlers at launch (adding more post launch via DLC) • 2-8 player local multiplayer (Online TBD) • Several match types, including One-on-One matches, Tag Team matches, Steel Cage Matches, and Battle Royals • Story Mode and the 10 Pounds of Gold ​ • Ring entrances with entrance music • Multiple entrance attires for each wrestler ​ • Strategic gameplay that is easy to pick up and play • Beautiful 2D pixel art animated sprites with over 700 frames of animation and animated backgrounds • Crowd chants that react to the action on screen

Quantum Cortex
Studio: QCDev
Description: Quantum Cortex is a 2.5D metroidvania shooter inspired by Sonic, Metroid, & Megaman, made in Unreal Engine 5. It is a passion project developed by one extremely overworked man.

Scarlet City of Devils
Studio: Shademare Studio
Description: A demon punk 2d metroidvania hack and slash adventure game inspired by Dark Souls and Bayonetta. Explore the city at your own discretion and take down the toughest thug’s demon-kind have to offer.

Sell Outs
Studio: Bad Kerning Games
Description: Have you ever played a card game, and had the judge misread or mess up your card when reading them, leaving you disappointed and humiliated? NEVER AGAIN! With Sell Outs, the power of the pitch is in your hands! You decide how your cards are interpreted, so success or failure are your own! Explain why a cardboard cutout of Nicolas Cage could help you rob a bank! Or why your best bet for a wrestling gimmick is your AI girlfriend! In Sell Outs, the customer has a problem – and boy do the salespersons have solutions. Craft the perfect product with your choice of one feature (and a random feature) and explain why your product is best! If the customer likes your product the most, you get the best gift of all. An Almighty Dollar! Collect the most at the end of 3 rounds to win!

Slime 64
Studio: WaveParadigm
Description: Slime 64 is a 3D collectathon platformer inspired by retro classics. Play as air, fire, water, and earth slimes, in any order you’d like, as they meet each other on their journey and combine their powers to save the world from the diabolical Wurltson and his ever-expanding robotic enterprise. The Golden Keys, and assorted Bells and Whistles, will unlock new worlds to explore as you amass your strength in numbers (and your pile of goodies). Fly through the air with Winona, zip through water at high speed with Marsh, dash and jump farther and higher with Ash, and build up insane speed rolling around as Tuff. These four slimes hail from all around the world, but through their adventures will meet and fuse, allowing their powers to be used at the same time!

Squirrely Roo Rabbit
Studio: Boba Studios
Description: When scorned chameleons swap the colors of all other animals, causing mass confusion and upset, Squirrely Roo, a hybrid animal, springs into action with her chameleon-outcast friend, Cammie, to track down the chameleon king and return peace to the world. Powered by fruit, Squirrely Roo and Cammie explore new lands and solve their puzzles! Squirrely Roo Rabbit is an in-development, 2.5D, puzzle-adventure game based on color theory and featuring a visual style reminiscent of watercolor pop-up storybooks. Boba Studios is a women-owned indie game studio in Baltimore, MD.

Sunset Land
Studio: Rivet Gun Games
Description: Sunset Land is a metroidvania for the NES about using your ever increasing psychic abilities to blast enemies and navigate difficult platforming challenges. The game takes place on Venture, a planet that has recently been colonized by several corporations to harvest its valuable resources. You play as a psychic named Marco, who is tasked with stealing 3 stellar crystals (artifacts which contain tremendous amounts of energy) for an intergalactic mob boss.

The Big Shuffle
Studio: Previously Pluto
Description: The Big Shuffle is a competitive 2-4 player film noir card game, where you play as 1 of 6 characters, each with their own agenda and unique abilities. Players must use their wit, guile, and influence to outmaneuver their opponents and set their desired scene. But be careful as it is easy for someone else to change the scene for their benefit.

Token Terrors Battlegrounds
Studio: Terrible Games
Description: Introducing Token Terrors Battlegrounds, an electrifying board game that combines captivating action point economy, tactical positional abstract elements, and ingenious dice-sized and durable token Terrors miniatures. With asymmetric token talents, each player experiences unique strategies in a compact yet dynamic small box game. Prepare to be amazed by the top-notch quality of components and the stunning table presence that Token Terrors Battlegrounds brings to your gaming sessions. Dive into a world where every decision matters, and unleash the thrill of intense battles and mind-bending tactics in this sensational board game experience.

Trouble in Tornado Town
Studio: Abducted Monkeys
Description: Welcome to Tornado Town, a place so lovely you’ll be blown away! Trouble in Tornado town is a physics-driven cartoon destruction game where you grow into the most powerful tornado ever seen! Things you can expect during your stay: • Meet the locals! • Tour three unique locations • Tornado Town • Cesspool • Breezy Field Farms • Enjoy the beautiful weather! • Try some of our locally grown food, fresh from farm to table! • View our award-winning news coverage! Enjoy your trip!

Wizard Cats Tank Battle
Studio: Vashta Entertainment
Description: Choose from 7 Wizard Cat classes and battle furry fiends in Wizard Cats Tank Battle! Collect magic spells and powerups in an old-school “tanks” multiplayer arena. Collect new hats, wands, tanks, and meows and create the ultimate Wizard Cat.