New for 2023!

TooManyGames is bringing out a mobile Houdini’s Challenge Escape Room. Do you think you can escape?

Come play Houdini’s Challenge escape room with a group or new friends!  Harry Houdini left his journal filled with his many secrets in his Parlour.  His Arch Nemesis, The Evil Morgan Humphreys, wants it and will stop at nothing to get it.  Humphreys is traveling to Houdini’s Parlour and will arrive soon!  Only you and your group have the ability to stop him.  You must find Houdini’s journal and protect it before Humphreys arrives. To protect his journal, Houdini has safeguarded it behind a series of puzzles and locks.  He has left you clues to help get you through.  It will not be easy, and the clock is ticking.

Escape Room Details:

  • The escape room will be ticketed as an add on ticket. You must purchase any regular ticket (3 Day, Friday, Saturday, etc) and then add the escape room ticket onto your selection before checking out.
  • The escape room is approx. 20 minutes long and costs $20.
  • Each room holds up to six people.
  • The experience is not private, so if you are not a full group of six, you will be combined with another group. If you are looking for a private experience but do not have six people, you are welcome to buyout the remaining tickets.
  • Please arrive to the escape room approx. 10 minutes before your scheduled entry time. We cannot accommodate late arrivals. If you are not there for your schedule entry time,  you are welcome to finish out the room when you arrive, but we cannot extend the time and do not offer refunds.
  • While it’s called an escape room – the doors aren’t actually locked and you can leave if you need to.

Watch the Houdini’s Challenge Escape Room trailer below!