Back by popular demand is our game swapping area this year. In 2019 – we had a small area that went over really well and people were extremely happy with their exchanges!

Game Swap – what is it? How do I do it? We are here to answer all your questions! 

For 2022 – we will have several tables set up for you to swap games with your fellow convention attendees. Meet some new friends – see what other people are collecting – there is fun to be had by everyone. This area is to trade games – not to set up as a vendor and sell. We encourage this area for people who have extras in their collections.

This is a SWAPPING area not a selling area. We do understand that sometimes there is additional money to be added on with trades. Every transaction has to have a traded item – there will not be straight selling in this area. We encourage this area to be games only but video game memorabilia or merchandise is allowed.

There will be a convention staff member working in the area. They will be monitoring trades among convention attendees. If you need help – please ask the staff member working the area.

If you would like to test your games / controllers and the swapping person agrees – you can test your items out in the game room. Please notify the convention staff member that you would like to test your item in the game room. They will escort you to the area.

Few examples of what will happen at the game swapping area:

Example 1: Mario brings 4 boxed NES games worth $200 to the table. Mario would like to get $200 in trade for these games. Luigi comes to the table and trades him $200 worth of Gamecube games. Mario and Luigi walk away happy.

Example 2: Tom Nook brings 1 game that is worth $50. Tom wants to trade this one game for N64 games he doesn’t own yet. Isabelle arrives with several N64 games that Tom doesn’t have. Isabelle wants to trade his 5 N64 games for $70. Tom Nook gives Isabelle $20 and the $50 game for Isabelle’s N64 games. Tom Nook and Isabelle both walk away happy.

Example 3: Mega Man arrives at the trading table looking to trade some of his PS1 duplicates. Steve is at the table with a sealed golden pickaxe. Steve offers to trade his golden pickaxe for Mega Man’s PS1 games – but they can not come to a deal. Steve and Mega Man hang at the table for another 30 minutes to see if they can trade their items to someone else.


  • Bring tested games
  • Bring a small amount of games – one box maximum
  • Stay in the game swapping area for 30 minutes or less (feel free to come back later in the day also)
  • Be friendly
  • Be fair – know the worth of your items before you bring them to the table
  • Get your tickets in advance


  • Feel pressured to make a trade, if you feel uncomfortable step away or alert a convention staff member
  • Bring a box of broken items
  • Bring dirty items
  • Camp out at the trading tables all day with your box of items