We are excited to have PPG Events back to host our CCG tournaments this year! They are packing each day with tons of collectible card game competitions.  For 2023, they have expanded their collectible card game offerings this year to include not only Digimon and Dragon Ball Super Card Game but have added One Piece case tournament, Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh and Pokemon!

PPG Events will be hosting Magic the Gathering on demand draft pods and on demand commander pods. TooManyGames will also be announcing some new and exciting Magic the Gathering guests soon!

Registration is open now for these events, space is limited.

Details on sign ups below:

TooManyGames Digimon 2K
TooManyGames DBS 1K
TooManyGames One Piece Case Tournament
TooManyGames MTG Drafts + Commander
TooManyGames YuGiOh 10k Tournament
TooManyGames Pokemon 1k Tournament