Ever dreamed of being a panelist at TooManyGames? Think you can fill all the chairs? Now is your chance!

New for 2023 – we have added additional space for community panels and are excited to see what ideas you have for filling up our panel rooms! Need some ideas? Some of last years community panels and events included:

+2 Comedy Presents: ARGs, Unfiction and Puzzletrails
A tribute to the Bee; a 50 year retrospective on Hudson Soft
Board Game Collecting: 1950-2000 The Golden Era
Cosplay Dance Off
Don’t Tell Anyone But I Brought Modded Mario Kart
Fight Mii
How to invent a viral pixel costume with Dan Cattell Art!
Importing Games in 2022!
Pass the Controller
Ping Me: High Performance Communication in Competitive Gaming
Plus Two Comedy Stand-up Comedy
Premium Edition Games: Stories from publishing titles on the Nintendo Switch
Retro Game Cartridge Restoration: Tips and Tricks!
Rhythm and Pixels VGM Podcast
Samus Vs. Ridley: A Metroid Historia
Talking Games; The History of Voice Over in Video Games
Tectoy Master System – Sega still lives in Brazil
The Origin of the Japanese Role-Playing Game
This Panel Sucks (A Vampire Panel)
Tournament of Voices
Weird Video Game Consoles

We are looking for unique and engaging panels/events and are taking applications until March 31st. Apply today: https://toomanygames.com/panelist-application-2023/