We are excited to announce the dates for our vendor tables and booths to go on sale, see dates below. We expect a fast sell out – so make sure you set these dates in your calendars – times to be determined. Want to make sure you are in the know? Sign up for our vendor mailing list so you don’t miss any key information!

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We have made some changes this year with TooManyGames regarding our vendor hall. We know a lot of you love the space you were in last year or previous years but we CANNOT GUARANTEE those spaces this year.

We would like to remind you that we offer absolutely no refunds on vendor spaces or attendee tickets.

On Sale Dates for 2023 are as follows:

Returning 2022 vendors: January 27, 2023
All vendors: February 3, 2023

Prices for 2023 are as follows:

10×10 booth: $900
10×10 corner booth: $950
10×10 carpet: $100 no discount for multiple spaces

8×8 table: $600
8×8 corner table: $650
4×8 split artist table: $300 (see below for more info)

20×20 premium booth: $4,000

Electricity: $150

Extra 8’ table in your space: $50
Extra 6’ tables in your space: $40
Extra chair: $5

New for 2023 : Premium Booth

We have dedicated an area in the front of the convention center to an area of premium booths. These booths will be 20×20 area. The area will include the same set up items as if you were to purchase 4 corner booths together to create a square but will be the first section that you see as you enter into the vendor hall. We’ve created this area as a premium space for sponsors or vendors who would like to showcase their company. There is a limited amount of these spaces and we expect them to sell out fast.

New for 2023 : artist tables!
Over the years we have not had an artist alley at any of our shows. We did try it back when we were first running the shows and it was a disaster. We had a lot of attendees see the artist alley and turn away which resulted in a lot of the artists not making sales – so we have done our best to sprinkle artists in with the rest of the vendors for their success.

But we are now willing to try it again. We will have a VERY limited supply of shared artist tables. Each artist will be provided with a 4’ space on an 8’ table. This space will cost $300. You will share with another artist. These artist tables are limited to solo artists who may not be able to get a full space. Any non artists will be refunded. If regular tables are sold out you will be refunded and not able to be a vendor at the show.