Mark Whitten is an LA based actor working in animation and video games with companies like DreamWorks, Disney, Netflix, DC, Sony Playstation, Square Enix, Nintendo, Bethesda, EA, and many more.

Notable roles include Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer), Seteth (Fire Emblem: Three Houses), Oh (Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh), Leslie Kyle (Final Fantasy VII Remake), and Alex (Street Fighter V).

Additional roles in anime include Mikitaka (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure), Kyoya Kujo (Gundam Build Divers), Silas Karlisle (Beyblade Burst), Liu Tien Hua (Ingress: The Animation), Flutter (Hunter x Hunter), Drole (The Seven Deadly Sins), Enchu (Muhyo and Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation), Van Reichnott (The Rising of the Shield Hero), Cislo (The Promised Neverland), and Kato (Lupin the 3rd: Goodbye Partner), and Peppy Hare (Star Fox Zero: the Battle Begins).

Mark is also the co-creator/actor/voice director for the popular horror podcast, The Hotel, and the award winning sci-fi anthology, The Theatre of Tomorrow.

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