For fifteen years, Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug has been reviewing comic books, thinking way too hard about Power Rangers, and slathered paint all over his face to dress up like a ghoul and talk in an outrageous accent about horror comics. He does weekly streams of video games that are several years old at this point that everyone is sick of hearing about at this point and produced an analog horror movie called “Winter of ’83,” wherein a small Minnesotan town is destroyed. His review series Atop the Fourth Wall has produced over 700 scripted episodes showcasing the worst that the comic book industry has ever produced… and some of the best on occasion.

He is probably best known for producing “History of Power Rangers.” It’s a series where he spends an inordinate amount of time summarizing a season of the show and analyzing the themes and character arcs involved in a children’s show featuring rubber-suited monsters getting punched by people in spandex. And sometimes he’ll throw in a boner joke somewhere. Come meet him and ask him such riveting questions like “Who are you?” and “When’s the next History of Power Rangers coming out?”

Linkara has a panel on Friday. He will also be appearing at his guest booth in Hall B. He is not guaranteed to be there during any time period – but will have a sign up saying when he will be back if he isn’t there.

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