Bob is a TTRPG and world building enthusiast with a YouTube channel. He makes videos about GM and player advice, game reviews and news, and fun TTRPG rules and mechanics… sometimes even testing those rules in real life. It’s all in the spirit of learning how to have more fun playing RPGs! Bob also publishes TTRPG materials, mostly one shot adventures for 5e, and co-hosts an RPG podcast called “It’s What Our Characters Would Do” with his wife Grace (World Destroyer).

Catch him in the Tabletop Area at TooManyGames on Saturday and Sunday and during his panel on Saturday at 5:30pm (time subject to change).

Please note every guest time / schedule is subject to change. For the most up to date information – download the digital schedule and event guide. The guest will be signing and meeting fans at their table all weekend long.