RGB LAN is a three-day long, BYOC (bring-your-own-computer) LAN party and charity video game tournament, dedicated to power of gaming for good INSIDE of TooManyGames.

Teams are paired with local charities. Which means, every time a team wins, its charity gets a donation and its players get a prize. It’s that simple. So declare your allegiance – don your colors – and go frag a n00b for the good of mankind.

Here’s how it works…

Show Your Colors – First thing’s first: you gotta pick your team. There are three to choose from at RGB LAN – Red, Green, and Blue (duh). And each one is playing for an awesome local charity.

Red – Julia’s Grace
Green – Help Hope Live
Blue – Philly Tech Sistas

Game for Good – Every tournament your team wins, every raffle ticket you buy, and every time you tweet to one of our sponsors, you earn points for your team. And those points unlock the donations pledged for your charity!

Play for Prizes – Points unlock more than just donations. Tournaments, tweets, and raffle tickets also win you prizes.

RGB Lan tickets are currently on sale. Monitor and laptop rentals available! If you have any further questions – join their Discord!