Put a geeky spin on a classic tradition. Announcing our first ever Gingerbread House Competition! Show off your creativity at Gifts for Gamers.

Adult (18+)
Child (17 and under)

Judging Criteria:
Appearance (25%)
Originality (25%)
Difficulty (25%)
Percentage of Edible Materials (25%)

Contest Rules:

  • To be eligible for the contest, you must fill out the entry form by Friday December 13th, by 12:00 PM EST.
  • Participants may only provide one entry.
  • All rulings by the judges are independent and final.
  • The summary you fill out will help the judges with your vision, process, materials and technique that may not be obvious from simply looking at your house. Please be descriptive. They will be displayed for each voter to see at the show.
  • Gifts for Gamers is a family-friendly show. Gifts for Gamers reserves the right to not display an entry that is considered offensive in anyway.
  • Gifts for Gamers is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the house during the contest. We will do our best to preserve the display.
  • Drop Off Date/Time: Sunday December 15th from 10 AM to 11:30 AM in Hall C of The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Building Rules:

  • Each entry must be placed on a board base (cardboard, foamcore, or plywood is suggested). Bases are to be no larger than 18 inches wide by 18 inches long and the use of pegs/risers is not allowed.
  • Weight is not to exceed 50lbs
  • Overall Structure cannot exceed more than 2 feet in height.
  • All houses must be more than 50% Gingerbread. Non-edible materials can be used for support.
  • Structures must be Pop Culture themed (video games, board games, comic books, etc)
  • Houses/Structures will mainly be viewed from the front and side.
  • Structures are not limited to a house – you are welcome to build anything within the size limitations and parameters and is related to pop culture.
  • Do not include anything that requires refrigeration.
  • Please attach a 3” x 5” index card on the underside of your display base listing your name, email address and phone number – so we can be sure to get the house returned to the correct person at the end of the show. All houses must be picked up by 6 PM on Sunday December 15th, 2019. Any houses not picked up will be disposed of at the end of the event.


Winners will be announced at 5:00 PM on Sunday December 15th, 2019 at the Gingerbread Display Area.

Gingerbread Competition Form

Are you ready to submit your gingerbread house? Fill out the form to be entered into the contest.