Smashadelphia powered by Metro will be hosting a Brawlhalla on Sunday 6/26 with a $500 Prize Pool!

Brawlhalla at Smashadelphia 2022 will feature a 1v1 singles bracket welcome to all participants on Sunday, June 26th. The event will overlap with top-32 of the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate singles bracket, so any player who reaches that point in the SSBU bracket will be considered ineligible for competition. The bracket will begin at 12:00pm on Sunday, June 26th.

Bracket is now free to enter!

How to Win

  • The 1v1 Brawlhalla event will feature 3-stock games with an 8 minute timer.
  • Prior to the first game of the set, the lower seeded player must lock in their Legend and Stance before the higher seeded player locks in their Legend and Stance.
  • The higher seeded player will then strike three stages from the displayed 1v1 map pool, with the lower seeded player selecting a stage from the remaining three stages by striking the two they do not wish to play on
  • For proceeding games, the losing player will strike three stages from the map pool, with the winning player then deciding on the stage by striking two of the three remaining stages from the map pool.
  • This event features a $500 POT BONUS on top of all event fees going towards the prize pool.

How to Register

  1. Visit
  2. Under the “Welcome to Smashadelphia 2022” section of the homepage, click the passes to the convention link and purchase your event pass to TooManyGames. All players interested in competing at Smashadelphia must also purchase a pass to TooManyGames convention. Once your convention badge has been purchased, return to
  3. Click the “Register” tab on the left side of the event page. This Register link is found underneath the Attendees tab in the left hand sidebar
  4. Select “continue” on the venue tab, then enter your relevant information to register. Make sure to select all events you wish to participate in (Fortnite registration will be handled on-site). If you have a pre-existing account, this process will be expedited, but if not then you’ll have to register with the site in order to complete your registration.
  5. Free Entry to Play! Convention passes must be purchased through the TooManyGames event page or else convention access (and by extent convention access) will not be granted.
About Metro:
The Metro Sports & Entertainment Group is a technology-based education and custom esports event management media company located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our unique expertise lies in our custom programming, tech-based consumer reach, and innovative brand integration strategies. Our goal is to attract, engage, and educate a broader, more diverse audience of gaming and technology enthusiasts. Headquartered just outside Philadelphia, we’re packed with gaming PCs, consoles, virtual reality, and content creation rooms.
We also have an Esports team known as the Metro Squad that focuses on diversity, inclusion, mentality, and drive.
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