Since we have only done one Game Swap prior to COVID-19 – we have been getting a lot of questions about exactly what Game Swap is and what you can expect to find at Game Swap.

What IS Game Swap?

Game Swap was started to honor the old TooManyGames of yesteryear. TooManyGames once started as more of a small game swap at the Inn at Reading. We’ve since grew TooManyGames to a multi-day event that features concerts, panels, guests, industry panels, and so much more.

Game Swap IS a one day event that is a smaller scale TooManyGames. There will be 45 vendors and a console area to play games. There will be raffles throughout the day. Cosplay is encouraged. A list of events and tournaments (if possible) will be available in the next few weeks.

Where is Game Swap?

Game Swap will be held at the Crowne Plaza Philadelphia – King of Prussia. The address is 260 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA 19406. It is across the street from the King of Prussia Mall garage.

When is Game Swap?

Game Swap will be held on Sunday June 27, 2021. Game Swap will open for attendees at 10:00am and stay open until 5:00pm.

Will there ONLY be video games to buy?

Nope. There will be a variety of vendors selling plushes, video games, anime, artwork, board games, figures and more. Check back for the list of vendors in the next few weeks.

Is Game Swap a flea market?

No. Don’t expect to come to Game Swap and purchase a rare video game for a few dollars. Game Swap is meant for small businesses to promote and sell their products. Full list of vendors will be coming in a few weeks.

Will there be trading this year?

At the last Game Swap in 2019 – we had set aside an area for people to come and trade their games with other collectors / gamers. Due to COVID-19 we won’t be able to have this area this year but hope to bring it back when possible.

Besides shopping – what else is there to do?

The vendor area of the hall is one of the biggest highlights of Game Swap but we will have a huge console area set up to play games at. There will be some tournaments. We are still determining exactly how this will work with COVID-19 and the CDC rules.

Can I set up as a vendor if I don’t sell video games?

Yes. The more diversity we have the better. There are only a handful of vendor tables left so if you would like to participate now is your chance.

Will attendance be limited?

Yes. Due to the current guidelines we can only have a certain amount of people in the room at a time. A limited amount of tickets will be sale starting on Thursday April 15th at noon.

What is the main difference between TooManyGames and Game Swap?

Game Swap is a one day event. We will try to plan these events in the spring and fall each year. Game Swap is meant to honor TooManyGames of yesteryear and where we started as a company. There will still be tournaments and a console room, but no concerts or panels. TooManyGames is our flagship show that is hosted in June every year. TooManyGames takes up most of the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center – and is jam packed with concerts, panels, YouTube celebrities, industry guests, tournaments, and so much more.