Set Up/Tear Down 
Vendors may pull their vehicle up to any of the loading bays or the main entrance to begin setup at {we’ll let you know when}. Vendors are 100% responsible for their own setup and tear-down. TooManyGames will attempt to make reasonable help available if our staffing permits. The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center does not supply hand carts or other means to transport merchandise, please make sure you bring what you need to move your gear. You may customize your area as you see fit, adding shelving, displays, pipe and draping, etc… as long as it fits within your designated area and does not interfere with other surrounding vendors. Any extension cords which run outside your designated area must be taped to the floor to prevent tripping hazards. You may begin tear-down of your space at a little before we close, the show ends at 5PM on Sunday. All vendors must be out of the expo center by 8PM on Sunday.

Adult Materials Policy 
TooManyGames is an all-ages event, as such we ask that any vendors who make available the sale of adult merchandise (whether it be games, movies, cartoons, comics, etc…) keep it out of the view of children. If we are informed that you have adult merchandise out in the open where children have access you will be reminded ONCE about our adult materials policy. If there are any further complaints the material must then be packed away and will no longer be permitted to be sold. IF YOU SELL ANY ADULT MATERIAL TO ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE CONVENTION WITHOUT A REFUND! Event staff will make the final determination of what is deemed appropriate and what is deemed adult material.

Bootleg/Grey Market Policy
TooManyGames does not permit the sale of any bootleg/pirate merchandise at the convention. This includes but is not limited to:

  • copies of games released in the US
  • roms and emulators not licensed for distribution
  • digital or physical copies of manuals or guide books
  • mod chips
  • consoles modded to play bootlegs
  • copies of movies
  • copies of CDs
  • compilations of copyrighted materials
  • flash memory cartridges for current generation systems

Any person found selling this merchandise will be given one warning. If there is a second incident you will be required to leave the convention without a refund.

Photography Policy
Photography and video recording is welcome in all general areas of TooManyGames. It is the responsibility of the artists to notify attendees that photography is not welcome in their area by having a highly visable sign somewhere in their area. If attendees do not heed an artist’s request to abstain from photography of their artwork then it is the artist’s responsibility to contact TooManyGames staff about the issue.

Weapon Policy
TooManyGames understands the needs for cosplayers to have character accurate weapons for their costumes and collectors to have new and interesting items. TooManyGames does allow weapon sales at the event. Both vendors and attendees have to follow the same weapon policy. No sharpened/live blades are permitted at the event (which includes swords, throwing stars, throwing cards, etc…), no chemically propelled guns (ie: real guns), no projectiles, or any other item which may be considered dangerous. When building your display please keep in mind that TooManyGames is an all ages event and children will be walking around the show, please keep dangerous items out of the reach of children. Airsoft guns are permitted for sale but are REQUIRED to have the painted orange safety tip on them. This is standard Pennsylvania law and anyone who does not follow this will be subject to removal from the show without a refund. Sale of the air canisters, projectiles, or ammunition for airsoft guns is prohibited. Following any weapon sale it is the responsibility of the vendor to inform the customer that weapons are not allowed to be opened in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. All weapons purchased by attendees must be placed in their vehicle or taken to their residence, hotel room, etc. All weapons must be packaged securely, boxes must be taped securely shut and blades must be properly wrapped. Copies of the weapon policy will be made available to any vendor selling weapons at the show. They must be prominently displayed for customers to read.

Food and Drink Policy
The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center will be providing food and drink sales from their on-site concession room. The sale of food and drinks by vendors is permitted only for novelty or collectible items and not for consumption.

Holding Advance Shipments
The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center does not hold merchandise that has been shipped ahead. You are responsible for bringing all your own merchandise on the day of the event or making arrangements to ship your merchandise in advance to a third party.

Vendor Run Events & Crowd Control
Vendors and exhibitors are not only allowed to run events at their area, it’s encouraged! If you intend to hold an event where a large number of participants are expected we need to be informed when you book your area. Event staff needs to be informed 30 minutes prior to your event beginning that it will be starting. If a large crowd forms that blocks the aisle or nearby vendors the crowd will be instructed to disperse or your event may be canceled.

Vendor Cancellations and Refunds
Simply put, there are no refunds. Your payment is a promise to participate in the event. Cancellations are not only a disappointment to us but to attendees who expected you to be at the show. If your table or booth remains empty for one hour after the event begins your space will be forfeited to neighboring vendors.

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Policies
1. No one may paste, nail, tape, or otherwise attach to walls, floors, ceilings, columns, partitions, or trim of the exterior or interior of the expo hall or any equipment furnished by the expo hall any bills, signs, floor coverings, double-faced tape, self-adhesive stickers, badges or other articles.
2. No one may drill holes or place any nails, hooks, tacks, screws, or any other items into any part of the expo hall or any equipment furnished by the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.
3. No advertisements, signs, billboards, or other visual media devices shall be placed outside of, or attached to, the exterior or interior of the building.
4. No handbills or the like may be placed on the windshield of any vehicles located in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center parking lot.
5. Gambling is prohibited.
6. Smoking is not permitted in the expo hall.
7. Helium or other lighter-than-air inflated balloons are not permitted inside the expo hall.