Erica Schroeder is one of New York’s premier animation voice actors, giving her voice to over 300 characters in the world of animation for television, film, and video games over the past 20 years. Erica voiced Elita in Signe Baumane’s new animated feature My Love Affair with Marriage which premiered at Tribeca Film festival the summer of 2022 with Cameron Monaghan and Emma Kenney of Shameless and Matthew Modine of Stranger Things. She also recently premiered as the newest voice of Tippy-Toe in Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show. Erica voiced villainess, Ilvira, in the recent Netflix hit animated film Secret Magic Control Agency, ranked #1 in the world on Netflix in April of 2021 and #2 in the US. She had the pleasure of appearing as Jean’s mom in the OVA of Attack on Titan. Erica also recently voiced Devos in Blizzard Entertainments acclaimed, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (and is featured on Afterlives) and voiced Yan in Arena of Valor. She currently voices main character Lloyd in funimation’s Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town, Vera Rustamova in Deep insanity, Cheese and Cat in Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese, Wobbuffet, Eevee, Sylveon Goh’s Sobble and Goh’s Rotom Phone in Netflix’s Pokemon Journeys and Nurse Joy, Fantina, Bianca, Grace, Ditto, Teddiursa, Meloetta, Pidove, Panchum, Tapukoko, and 50+ more Pokemon in various regions in the last 20 years and many other projects under NDA. In the YU-GI-OH series she voiced 10+ characters in 5 of the series, including such characters as: Mai Valentine, Akiza Izinski, Dark Magician Girl, Mana and Cathy Catherine. In addition, Erica is a Broadway/Stage actress and singer. She is also known for being active in the autistic community, promoting awareness and supporting her fans’ challenges and triumphs.

Other notable roles include: the OG Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece, Blaze the Cat and Wave the Swallow from the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, Emma Frost in Joss Whedon’s Stop Motion Comic Astonishing X-Men, Faragonda, Icy the Witch, Piff, Daphne, Squonk, Critty and Kiko from Winx Club, Lyserg from the OG Shaman King (and the reboot in 2021), Rai and Komorka from Tai Chi Chasers, Bridgette Verdant (Lettuce) from Mew Mew Power, Shiho from Ah! My Goddess, Scarlet Claw in Cutie Honey, Youshi in Giant Robo, The Spirit of the Mountain in The Boy who wanted to be a Bear (role shared with Sean Schemmel), The Witch in the Cannes Film Festival’s Little Long Nose and many more titles. Select newer roles and releases include: Meatball in Nickelodeon’s 44 Cats, Number 24, My Senpai is Annoying, Akebi’s Sailor Uniform, Akudama Drive, Ride Your Wave, Veronica in funimation’s Arte, Anya Dostoyevsakya in, Aria the Avvenir, Kiyoko in Tokyo Godfathers, Kelly Stownar in Emma a Victorian Romance, FLCL3 (on Adult Swim!), Okko’s Inn, Your Name, Gundam Seed, and Gundam Destiny, Melissa Trail inYu-Gi-Oh Arc V, Akemi in Zetman, Yurika Yamagiwa in Psychic School Wars, Zarafa in Zarafa, Nagako Aoki in Mai Mai Miracle, Astoria Rapunzel on Nickelodeon’s (and Nick Jr.’s) Regal Academy.

She also recently starred as Betsy in the episode titled, Do The Voice and Captain Kilowatt in the episode titled Justice Battalion in the award winning podcast, The Truth, featured on such shows as All Things Considered and This American Life among others. Erica is currently working on Dan’s Green’s anticipated illustrated audiodrama, Crossing The Gods as Dominea along with several other projects and series, some yet to premiere and some on various seasons of longer running shows.

In addition to the Pokemon, Sonic and One Piece video games she has worked on, Erica has also voiced characters in: Diablo Immortal, Smite, Pathfinder, Arena of Valor, Contra, Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Shadow Hearts: From the New World, White Day, Littlest Pet Shop, Dungeon Hunter V, Just Cause 3, Super Smash Bros (and Ultimate)., Insecticide, and many more.

As a theater and musical theater actress, Erica has also appeared on Broadway, Off- Broadway and regionally and sings on the original cast recordings of Jane Eyre, SHOUT! The Mod Musical and others! Erica has won a SALT award for My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding and an Outstanding Acting Performance Award in the 2014 Zed Film Festival for the television pilot, Zom-Com, playing opposite Dan Deluca and Sonic the Hedgehog actor, Jason Griffith. Her favorite role by far is that of Mom to her two children.

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