Indie Game Showcase 2017

The TooManyGames Indie Game Showcase highlights independent game developers locally and nationally. This year, there will be three awards given out on Sunday at the show. Over the weekend we will be asking YOU and others to vote on which game is your favorite. The following are the awards that will be given out at the show: People’s Choice Award, Guest’s Choice Award, and the Screenwave Media Award. Make sure you stop by and check out all the great indie games this year, and vote on your favorite. Below are the game companies that will be showcased this year:

3 Fright
9 Kingdoms Publications
Albino Moose Games
AttaBoy Games
Fred Wood
Island Officials LLC
Matthew Willis Games
Midnight Status
Muse Games
Pxlplz, LLC
One Day West Games
QuadraTron Games
Runaway Parade
Semag Studio
Shields Up
Something Classic
SWDTech Games
Systemic Games
Vashta Entertainment
Video Game Development Club of  Shippensburg University
Wimbus Studios
Wither Studios