Mark “Cornshaq” Davis

  • Mark “Cornshaq” Davis

Returning guest to Too Many Games, Mark “Cornshaq” Davis is a YouTube personality, known as an experienced video game reviewer and content creator. With his popularity exploding, thousands of viewers flock to Cornshaq’s channel each day to get the latest reviews about the newest releases. Known for his brutally honest approach to games, fans trust his opinion and appreciate his down-to-earth approachability.

He is not only a video game reviewer, he is also a lifelong gamer with nine years of gameplay videos for retro and modern gaming systems. He is also an avid speedrunner, with World Record times in games such as 8-Eyes and Wolverine for the NES, and other classic systems such as the SNES, CDi and Genesis. With an ever-growing fan base and channel growth of nearly a thousand subs a month, it’s easy to see why Cornshaq is a trusted name in the gaming world!

Cornshaq has also been featured at Magfest and Wizard World, and will be featured as a guest at Connecticon 2017 and Youmacon 2017.